Teaching Feeling Modded APK + MOD

If a little girl appeared one day, called you master, and did everything you asked for, what would you think? We are pleased to introduce to you Teaching Feeling APK, an 18+ game for Android

Teaching Feeling began as a story about a small town doctor. As a single man, he is often focused on work and does not have much spare time. He said that he had been rescued by you and wanted to repay you with the child named Sylvie, who appeared one day in front of his house with another girl. This is the beginning of the story.



Teaching Feeling is a visual novel game, in which you have three things you can do with Sylvie: talk to her, rub her head, and touch her. It will proceed in many different directions depending on what you choose.

In speaking with Sylvie, you will discover that her health is poor, and the previous traumatic events have weakened her. A lot of her scars were caused by chemicals spilled on her by her former owners to entertain themselves. You can help her through this nightmare by showing her that you are a good master.

In Sylvie’s mind, “rub her head” doesn’t mean much. When she is repeatedly rubbed, she will feel less insecure and smile.

The game is labelled 18+ because after this action, you can go further. It’s entirely up to you.

Make sure she is taken care of

As part of taking care of Sylvie in Teaching Feeling, you must also maintain your daily life. Working and earning money are essential for you and Sylvie. She is also more than a slave to you, she’s a soul mate, a light in your lonely life.

 Slowly, Sylvie will open up to you and you’ll have a lot of interesting interactions with her. Not only that, your life does not revolve around Sylvie alone, because there are many interesting things and unexpected relationships outside the other town as well. Make sure you explore them all.

Here are a few tips you may find useful

Even though you only have to choose, many players lose Sylvie after just 15 days.

As a result of an illness, Sylvie did not survive. How can these 15 days be overcome?

The “touch” button should never be touched. Sylvie is naturally weak and needs care, so touching her head will be an extremely bad signal, she may fall ill and die. Show sympathy for her by rubbing her head often. By meeting Sylvie’s needs and prioritizing options that increase Sylvie’s intimacy score, you can keep the intimacy score above 50. Continue treating Sylvie well until the 15th day, when she will get sick. Choose a cure when the intimate score reaches 50 and she will survive the first 15 days.

Humanitarian values

The image of Sylvie is weak, timid, and easily broken. However, with tolerance and understanding, you can help her overcome pain and lay the foundation for a good life. This image carries many messages about human rights, cause and effect, and so on.

Teaching Feeling: How do I open it and play it?

Select Skip from the menu when you open the game.

Take your time.

You can skip again by clicking Menu -> Skip.

Select Auto from the Menu when it reappears

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