Trials of Mana APK v1.0.2

It will live on forever because of its simplicity and subtlety

The story

Trials of Mana engulfs a world in darkness. Eight Benevodons, which symbolize darkness and destruction, are slain by Mana using her Mana Sword. The Benevodons are sealed within the eight Mana Stones. After the kingdom gradually recovered, Goddess Mana lost too much energy fighting evil for a long time. Once she had turned into a tree, she slept for a long time.

Once again, evil was rising from deep within the kingdom as well as from human thoughts. After enough dark energy accumulated, the eight Benevodons awoke from their sleep within the Mana Stones. Flying around and attempting to conquer the world like they did before, they broke the seal on the Mana Stones.

The game features six main characters with different backgrounds and personalities. Through a series of twists and turns, they became friends, fighting against the Benevodons and awakening the Mana tree which is slowly dying away as evil spreads.


The gameplay, content development, and plot ideas in the mobile version of Trials of Mana are almost exactly the same as in the original PC version, except for the combat mechanism. Like in the original game, you will play as one of the three characters you have selected, and the other two will play on their own.

Additionally, Trials of Mana features auto-aiming, auto-camera, and auto-battle features for maximum convenience. To combat each type of enemy, each character has two attacks: normal and special. A unique set of moves can be created by combining both. Each time you use one of these attack combinations, you will receive glass samples of Class Strike. You can then use one of the character’s great new moves if your Class Strike bar is full. 

By defeating enemies, you unlock new spells and skills. A special ability, such as a chain ability, is a passive skill that can be used by anyone. My favorite RPG character trait is the ability to dodge. A player can heal and avoid the enemy’s attacks by using this ‘dodge and hide move’.


The character’s appearance or skills can be changed by switching to Dark or Light. In the mobile version, you can unlock up to four classes. There are over 300 skill sets, so you can freely switch between them while in battle.

In the story, characters are divided into two groups, Dark and Light, which emphasizes that everyone has a good and a bad side, and what direction they choose will determine their fate. You will still see many interesting things in the plot if you choose the right pairing (the two are related in terms of fate). For example, Duran and Angela, Hawkeye and Riesz, and Kevin and Charlotte.

Flexible character-switch mechanism

Those who have played Trials of Mana confess they can’t stop once they start. Why is that? Not just because of the ability to switch between the three characters or the ability to upgrade It is In With Trials of Mana, you will learn how to dodge and stun spells in different terrains, along with smooth progression and varied strengths and weaknesses. In battle, there is only frantic fighting, no leisure time. You have to fight 90% of the time. That will be a lot of work for your hands.

You can easily switch from melee warrior Kevin to magical wizard Charlotte in the trio you’ve chosen. Making and unleashing combos is the key to moving and defeating the enemy most effectively. Each boss has a unique fighting style and knack. Only by combining their skills will you be able to defeat them.

Graphics and sound

In the mobile version of Trials of Mana, you will still find 3D visuals that recreate the paradise you have seen on PC. You are free to explore wherever you like.

There is also a pretty good voiceover in Trials of Mana. The combination of sound effects and deep background music is enough to captivate players despite some minor errors.

Please note when installing Trials of Mana APK

There is a DATA file that needs to be downloaded for the game.

Then extract the “” file.

“Android/data” should contain the folder “com.square_enix.android_googleplay.tom”.

There is no OBJ file in this download.

Free Android APK download for Trials of Mana

For those who have played Trials of Mana, the captivating matrix will be difficult to escape. You can customize the cast of characters in a vast world. A classic narrative, but thrilling combat at the same time. Try it out! There is no doubt you will fall in love with it.

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