Pixel Car Racer APK + MOD (Unlimited Money,No Ads) v1.2.3

Pixel Car Racer MOD APK is an exciting pixel-art graphics racing game. This is a game you will not be able to resist if you are addicted to racing and cars.

The Pixel Car Racer is a retro racing game with a lot of inspiration.

Android’s best pixel-art racing game

Racing games are a classic theme that game developers still pursue tirelessly. There is also one exception that does not correspond to the common denominator, Pixel Car Racer promises to deliver exciting races with its bizarre pixel-art graphics, arcade gameplay, and retro races. As well as participating in daily races, you are also the owner of a garage full of super cars, modern engines, and tools in the game. The prize is usually an accessory you need to complete the car.

My recommendation for racing games, and for sports in general, is to use a smartphone with a large screen and headphones. Most of these games offer incredible visuals, effects, sounds, and background music, which have a huge impact on your gameplay experience.

You can customize your cars and racetracks

To begin, you must choose a super car from your garage and use your gear to customize it. According to the options available, you can adjust the color, the vignettes, the wheels, the frame, the nose, the bottom, the ceiling, the height, etc. As soon as you join a race, you’ll be able to earn money and upgrade your collection of vehicles, accessories, and gear by changing the speed, fixing the interior, and so on. Pixel Car Racer offers over 100 different types of supercars, with 1000 replacement parts inside and outside of each car. Not to mention, each car can be customized to your liking.

Multi-mode races that are exciting

We’re going to drive now that it’s done. It is possible to play against a computer or online with anyone on the network. When you play a racing game, you have to launch at full speed, letting the enemy smell the smoke. It’s not only about tracks and beautiful cars, it’s also about the competition in every centimeter. Isn’t that great?

Despite Pixel Car Racer’s pixel art graphics, it proves it is possible to design intriguing tracks. Avoid the graphical pitfalls that often plague 3D simulation racing games. Just a little bit of negligence leads to a strange, fake, and unpleasant feeling in the game.

In Pixel Car Racer, the classic retro graphic style makes you completely unaware if the tracks are real, if the 3D perspective is reasonable, etc. All you can focus on is the vehicle, the competition, and the tough spots on the road.

It is a game for children, but it is also difficult for adults to play

You can play the game on mobile phones and tablets by pressing and touching the screen. In the most direct way possible, you can choose the speed, turn left, right, accelerate, or brake using the steering wheel control frame available on the screen. In long races, you don’t have to imagine anything at all. Brakes, or increasing the car’s strength and resistance. Sure, even if it’s your garage, but upgrades cost money.

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