Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS ROM Download

In Nintendo’s Fire Emblem role-playing game series based on medieval European mythology, there are tactical elements, elements of luck, and emotional interactions between characters. This is a game you will want to play repeatedly to feel true love.

Fire Emblem: Awakening introduction


Fire Emblem: Awakening has an open-world system, unlike other Fire Emblem titles, where you can only move within certain units. This allows you to freely explore, search, and even reach plow rank for your character.

A support system and character evolution with an emotional element are also present in this game

. It might be necessary to choose support to get them together and have children, or you might have to choose support if the two units fight near each other. When a character reaches a certain level, you can choose special items to help them progress into the “evolution” realm. 

Cavalier cavalry, for example, can evolve into a Paladin or Great Knight. Each profession has many higher levels. There are three most commonly used weapons in this game: swords, axes, spears, as well as bows, spell books, staffs, and arrow machines.

 It is possible to cut a sword with an axe, but a spear with an axe. The mechanism of this equipment is very intriguing, opening up a lot of opportunities and ways to attack once I had played it for a few hours and started getting used to it. As a result, it becomes more challenging.

Also, Fire Emblem Awakening has one of the best Casual game modes, suitable for everyone, even newbies. Its best feature is that if your character dies in the game, it can still be used in subsequent scenes. In Awakening, your character is usable in subsequent scenes

 In the past, there was a war between Ylisse (the good side) and Plegia (the evil side). Gangrel, the leader of the traitor faction, attempted to acquire Fire Emblem during this time, and Emmeryn, Chrom and Lissa’s oldest sister, who was protecting the seal, had to sacrifice herself so that the Firewood could be buried under the abyss. 

When Marth helped the Shepherd army defeat Gangrel, Chrom was able to rule the country for many years.

Again, tragedy struck. This time “Marth” reappears and reveals herself to be Chrom’s daughter from the future to warn her father,emperor Walhart of Valm. As Walhart used witchcraft to revive the Grima Dragon and invade Ylisse, Chrom received magic from the god Naga (dragon ruler) to be able to turn back time.

To summon Naga, Chrom must not only awaken to Walhart’s betrayal, but also complete the “Awakening” ritual. The “Awakening” ritual requires fused Fire Wood and 5 jewels scattered around the kingdom.

Using the “future princess”, Avatar, Chrom, and Lissa have found 4 magic gems. They were ambushed by Validar, the king of Validar. Interestingly, this is Avatar’s biological father..

 In order to control his son, he turned Avatar into a henchman, sneaking Chrom to steal the Firewood by using evil magic. There are feelings between the “future princess” and the “human hero” Avatar, and Validar has admitted that he only created Avatar in order to revive Grima’s body. If you become Chrom’s wife, she cannot kill you, her biological mother.

When the princess returned to herald her future, Avatar discovered a way to neutralize the god’s father’s control and fought a battle to kill him and reclaim the Firewood. Moreover, if the Avatar does not form a strong bond with the princess or Chrom, the story will end differently. You must use death to bind Grima forever and sink into the depths of hell with the Dragon Monster in order to end the game. To put it simply, if you love Chorm or her father, you will survive.

Graphics and sound

Character creation in Fire Emblem: Awakening is breathtaking. Every detail in the game, from the main character to the supporting cast, has been meticulously crafted. In this game, you can clearly see how skilled the developers are because of the light effect that is very subtle.

I guarantee you will be amazed by how sophisticated and modern the creators have made this game. Scenes are extremely moving, accompanied by a series of sound effects. The rhythms of footsteps, palm force, and the sound of weapons touching each other make the whole scene extremely appealing.

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