Jumanji: Epic Run

Jumanji is a casual and relaxing game that offers the excitement of runner gameplay to those who are interested. As you navigate your characters through exciting in-game actions, you’ll dive into the endless and enjoyable free run levels. With this amazing mobile title by TabTale, you can enjoy a variety of fun gameplay.

Take part in thrilling runs with different setups with a group of adventurers. Choose from one of the many characters that each offer their own unique gameplay. Whenever you have the time, you can play this game with its simple and intuitive gameplay. You’ll have an awesome time playing Jumanji thanks to its simple and intuitive gameplay.

Discover more details about this incredible mobile game by Crazy Labs by TabTale, as we review the amazing game.


The game will allow Android gamers to spend some time with the crew of the famous film series Jumanji as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. There is now a threat to the land as the sacred Falcon Jewel has been stolen by unknown saboteurs and the land is in danger. As the investigator, you would need to investigate these occurrences and track down how the suspects moved in order to find the precious jewel.

Become one of the 4 unique characters of the group and enjoy their exciting adventures, each with its own unique gameplay features. Enjoy playing as different players and experiencing unique adventures as you discover the exciting runs. The game consists of running from a pack of hyenas, chasing your enemies, climbing the rough mountains, escaping the furious rhinoceros and jaguars, and more.

Enjoy the endless running in Jumanji, make your game your own by choosing from multiple customizations. With its casual and relaxing gameplay, you’ll enjoy playing the game to the fullest.


The following are all the interesting features that the game offers in order for you to play it:

An enjoyable game with an intuitive control scheme that is simple and straightforward

The runner gameplay in Jumanji Epic Run is intuitive and interesting, so Android gamers will be able to play on their phones right away. Enjoy the awesome run and quickly learn how to use the intuitive touch controls while you explore the game.

Effortlessly dodge enemy attacks, avoid obstacles, and run to catch up with your targets or stay away from predators while you move freely around the track.

The movie features different characters to choose from

For the sake of making the game more interesting, gamers can also take part in Jumanji as they participate in the game as the most loved character from the series as well. You’ll be able to follow Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Professor Shelly Oberon, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, Ruby Roundhouse, and Professor Franklin “Mouse” Finbar on their journey to the awesome runner gameplay of Jumanji Epic Run.

Play with each character’s special abilities and use them to your advantage

The characters in the game also possess unique abilities and skills. Use these skills to deal with different obstacles and challenges that you face. To knock down your opponents, you should throw a boomerang at them.

If you have nunchucks, take part in a dance fight. You can track the enemies with your accurate mathematical calculations. You can even get on top of giant animals and have a great time riding them.

Different game modes are available in the game

Those of you who are interested will have the opportunity to enjoy Jumanji Epic Run’s fun and engaging gameplay with 4 different game modes. Explore these awesome gameplays while you play this endless runner.

Start your adventure by chasing the mysterious saboteurs in Dr. Smolder Bravestone’s thrilling chases. Enjoy interesting gameplay as you knockdown enemies along the way. Have fun with our good friend Franklin Finbar in his ultimate descent into the waterfall with his ultimate run into the waterfall.

Take on epic challenges as Ruby Roundhouse while you hike and climb mountains. Be aware that boulders, rocks, ice, and many other obstacles may fall on you at any moment. Alternatively, join Professor Sheldon Oberon in his ultimate race against hyenas, rhinocerous, jaguars, and many others.

As a result, each of the characters in Jumanji offers a different type of gameplay, not just one. It is, therefore, certain that you will have quite a good time playing as various characters that are part of the crew.

Boosts and buffs can help you overcome difficult situations

In addition to the power-ups and buffs found along your journey, players can also collect a variety of different power-ups and buffs that will assist their progress in Jumanji. Discover the various environments as you plunge into the endless rides.

Additionally, along the track you’ll notice that there are magnetic fields that can attract coins, shield bubbles that can protect you from being knocked down, and a X2 boost which doubles the number of coins you collect. As you progress through the game, you can take advantage of these useful buffs.

Customize your characters if you wish

Moreover, for those of you who are interested, we have also included a little section that allows you to have fun with the customizations and variations that are available on your characters and gaming surroundings.

Having said that, you can freely swap your in-game outfits and play the runner game in different styles and have fun on the go. Additionally, for each outfit, gamers will also be able to enjoy a variety of bonuses and interesting power-ups that are absolutely wonderful.

You can unlock content by logging into your Google Play Services account

Additionally, you can also link the Jumanji Epic Run game to your Google Play Services account to access more content. The easiest way to sync your game is by backing it up online. Given that your friends have just recently boasted about their achievements, you can always check up on how they’re doing, if you want to.

Play for free

In case you didn’t know, you can play the game on your Android device for free right now. I will let you know that it is not hard for you to install the game on your device as it is fairly straightforward to do so. It is completely free to download the game from the Google Play Store. All you need to do is go to the store and look for the game.

Our mod unlocks gameplay

In spite of this, the game is still a freemium title, so advertisements and in-game purchases cannot entirely be avoided. In view of that, some of you may feel inclined to go for our modified version of the game, which allows you to play completely unlocked on your mobile devices. If you download and install the Jumanji Epic Run Mod APK from our website, following the instructions provided, and you will be able to play the game and have full access to it for free.

The quality of the video and audio


Explore the amazing visuals of the runner game. The visually appealing visual effects, friendly art styles, and fluid animations that would make you feel part of the game would make you feel blissfully comfortable. Furthermore, thanks to the easy gameplay, you will not be bothered by stutters or lags during the game due to the undemanding nature of the game.


If you’re looking for a game that incorporates a relaxing soundtrack, simple gameplay and casual controls, Jumanji is an excellent choice. Aside from that, you’ll also be completely hooked by the immersive and interesting sound effects.

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Jumaji Epic Run is another great title to enjoy on your mobile device if you like exciting runner games like Talking Tom Gold Run, Charlie’s Angels: The Game, and a few others. In this incredible casual game, you will be treated to a great deal of thrilling and thrilling runner action. Considering the fact that the game is completely free and you can download it directly from our website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check it out.

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