Idle World APK + MOD (Unlimited money, energy/Prestige unlocked)

This simulation game by Homa Games allows you to manage your own universe. They have just released their game, but players around the world have expressed a lot of interest in it. They will use this success as a springboard to create many more exciting games in the future.

About Idle World

In the universe are space and matter. Its diameter exceeds 10 light years and contains uncountable galaxies. As an example of how vast and vast the universe is, extremely small atomic particles exist simultaneously with energy. Scientists have not yet discovered it all. With Idle World, you can explore the vast universe outside the earth and everything within. Wouldn’t it be great if you could explore it right now?

The universe is endless when you explore it

Idle World features a step-by-step guide to exploring the universe. You will discover many things about the universe when you first join the game. Nanoparticles are extremely small particles with properties similar to units. Expand your universe by starting with nanoparticles. Nanotechnology is now applied to many areas of life, such as medicine, optics, electronics, and more.

Black holes will be discovered as your universe expands. In addition, you can use cosmic black holes to increase your output. The black hole suckers everything in its vicinity, allowing you to collect the elements quickly and easily. Furthermore, you can build your own galaxies for the universe to discover even more amazing facts.

 You can play games even if you are offline anywhere, anytime. Upgrade your universe by tapping the screen. The universe continues to develop even when you aren’t there.

Explore the world of science

Especially the earth, planets in the universe help you discover science. In the game, you can explore a variety of things in the universe, including the atmosphere, ozone layer, and so on. Those who love science will enjoy this game if they are curious about the subject and wish to learn more about it.

Discover more by traveling into the universe. Have you ever wondered what Mars looks like? What does Saturn look like? Where can I find these images? There are many other planets in the solar system that you can explore in addition to earth. You can explore large sky stars or discover asteroids.

  • MOD APK version of Idle World
  • MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money: Start the game with unlimited diamonds.
  • VIP Unlocked

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