Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad APK Download for Android

Falcon Squad APK

In Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad, players are faced with a wide range of enemies and go through a number of different levels to defeat them.

There are challenges at every level, and a boss awaits you at the end. You can also challenge many other players over time as you receive new planes with impressive features. There is no doubt that any player will enjoy the game.


Falcon Squad APK

A game like Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad will appeal to those who enjoy the genre of Chicken Invader. As players advance through the levels, they will face off against enemies one after another. 

Any player would want to immerse themselves in the gameplay because it is straightforward and interesting. Furthermore, players will have to deal with waves of enemies without being attacked while they take them down. There are several waves on every level, and you receive items and money as you progress. 

The power-up features that come with each type of spaceship are indeed a crucial part of the shoot-em-up genre. You will receive these items with money dropped by enemies, and you must pick them up to find out what they contain. The plane’s ray will sometimes change and anyone will be able to see the change in power.


Throughout Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad, you will go through many levels, each with an increasing level of challenge. This game will feature an increased enemy strength, and the boss concept will also be introduced.

 In order to overcome the challenges that this game brings, you must gradually improve your strength and the aircraft quality. While at the same time offering many different modes, the game offers a wide scope of gameplay to the player. A player can choose between two primary modes: PVE or PVP. 

The campaign has been pre-prepared for PVE so that you will be able to participate in many levels. You will also receive rewards for completing these levels, such as money to spend or plane pieces to upgrade. The above mode is not the only challenge you can face. You can also play matches against others.

There are some similarities between PVE and PVP, but there are some differences as well. It won’t be different from other campaign levels in terms of attacking enemies that appear to you.

 Nevertheless, you will have to destroy as many as you can in order to defeat other players. At the top of the screen, there will be a bar divided into two colors that corresponds to your score. In order to make your score and your color stand out, you will have to make them stand out from the rest of the players.


The primary and secondary planes will be unlocked after you have experienced Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad. In this context, auxiliary aircraft are aircraft that fly a similar primary type to the main aircraft and support the enemy’s attack.

 Meanwhile, you will be able to find a lot of high-quality principal planes and spend time collecting their pieces. In In addition, each plane has a skill that the player can use, an upgrade system that can be completed with money, and a piece system for increasing levels.

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