Adorable Home APK + MOD (Unlimited money, hearts ) v1.23.0

Currently, photos of Adorable Home are flooding social networks. A cute game by HyperBeard is one of the top trending games of 2023. Due to its simple but very interesting gameplay, many players are enjoying it in their spare time. It offers very sweet but challenging love stories, which require constant effort in order to maintain.

HyperBeard games are always cute, simple, and interesting. They are attracting a large number of players with their games featuring cute pets like KleptoCats 2 and Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys. Discover why Adorable Home, their newest game, has become so popular.

Describe your love story. You can unlock the garden instantly for 3000 Love, so don’t get too caught up in the house. You can then decorate the garden with trees, swings…

Ensure the pet’s well-being

It is primarily your responsibility to take care of cats in Adorable Home. Although they look cute and docile, you will find them extremely annoying when you are taking care of them. To care for them properly, you need to do three things:

The cat’s nails can be cut by swiping the screen. However, their paws are always moving, making it difficult. You will have a furious cat if you hurt him. Bathing is hated by cats. When forced to take a bath, they become irritable and angry. Adorable Home’s most difficult task is bathing cats. You can adjust the temperature by tilting the screen.

It’s fairly easy to stroke your cat. Choosing the best place to stroke your cat depends on the cat’s lying position. You need to remember each cat’s lying posture.

You can also buy many cats, dogs, and birds for your apartment. I believe you should buy lots of pets to have lots of love soon. Each pet gives you passive affection. Snap a selfie with your cute pet!

Make sure your loved ones are taken care of

In addition to caring for your pet, you should devote all your attention to your partner. You buy your lover meals using Love. When they like your food, you will provide them with it. 

The character you choose represents you, and the mate you choose represents your mate. A homosexual love story between two male characters is also an option.

You start a new life with your lover in a cute little apartment with a white cat named Snow. You live a peaceful life here. Your lover goes to work every morning, and you take care of your home, garden, and naughty cats. It sounds straightforward, but Adorable Home will challenge you in many ways. Play the game to find out.


The only currency in the game is love. It is used to pay for everything. Watching ads, taking care of cats, preparing dinner… It’s as simple as watching ads five times a day. Cash can also be used. Download our Adorable Home MOD APK to get more Love.

Your home needs to be decorated

Initially, your home has nothing but a sofa, a rug, a TV, and a coffee table. It’s quite empty and lacking in amenities. Add more furniture to modernize your home.

Graphics & sound

Though HyperBeard uses simple 2D graphics like a comic, every detail is carefully and meticulously crafted. Everything about Adorable Home is amazing, from the cats to the house, to the garden, to the trees, to the interior. It’s like you’re the hero of a love story. A romantic tale can be told in this house. It is not too big, but everything about it is like a picture. To change the landscape outside, you can customize the weather.

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