Instagram APK + MOD (Unlimited likes, followers)

One of the most popular social networks today, it attracts billions of users, including celebrities, football stars, singers, actors… like you and me.

In addition, the app also helps you edit and manage photos as quickly, simply, and visually as possible. Let’s take a look at some of its outstanding features.

Easy download and registration

In order to create an Instagram account, you must use your email address, username, and password. Upon linking your Facebook account to your Instagram account, the app will search your Facebook friends and suggest they use Instagram. Congratulations, you have now joined the Instagram community. Let’s post our first picture and see what everyone thinks.

Public or private settings are optional for your account. When you set your account to Private, only those you allow can follow you or view your content.


Various editing has resulted in a more harmonious, casual interface. By using white and black as the main colors, the design clearly emphasizes the photos. This design will appeal to you.

Take photos, edit them, and share them

Alternatively, you can take a picture by clicking the Camera button in the bottom corner. The Lux tool allows you to adjust the light. By adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and shadows, your photos will look more beautiful and shimmering. In addition, you can select some features like Structure and Tilt-Shift. This is great.

Over 40 free effect filters let you choose retro, grainy, and more. Once you have a nice photo, what are you waiting for? Use VSCO or Picsart to edit your photos.

Instagram lets you upload unlimited photos or videos. If you want to make your photos more interesting, you can add subtitles or geotags. You can also share those photos on Facebook or Twitter after posting on Instagram.

Share your videos

You can turn your photos into videos with Instagram. Vine allows you to create videos in 6 seconds, while Instagram allows you to create videos for 15 seconds. The 13 filters can be selected and then you can preview your video without having to wait.


The Instagram Stories feature allows you to share special moments. This will automatically delete after 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the picture up to date. If you prefer, you can live-stream video to friends and family.

Other features

  • Create a personal page and post photos and videos you want to share or keep.
  • Upload photos and videos to Stories.
  • You can upload as many photos and videos as you like on Instagram.
  • On Instagram Direct, you can send photos and videos.

APK version of Instagram with MODs

There are many improvements over the original Instagram app in Instander, the MOD APK version.

MOD features

No Ads

  • Easy access to photos, videos, stories, and IGTV
  • Quality images, videos, and stories should be uploaded
  • You can see stories and read private messages without anyone knowing
  • View Live Stream is hidden


Instader has two versions.

You will have to remove the original app before installing this version. Other apps can be integrated with this app.

You can install and use simultaneously with the original version. However, the name and logo are different.

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