Pokemon SoulSilver NDS ROM Download

There are many reviews that say Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon HeartGold are two of the best Pokemon games. However, I cannot confirm this until I experience them, since they are two remake versions with new features and Pokemon for the Nintendo DS. In this article, we will learn about new features in Pokemon SoulSilver.

Become a trainer of Pokemon

As an adventure game, Pokemon SoulSilver combines role-playing elements with elements from previous Pokemon releases. The objective is to train Pokemon.

There are two continents in the legendary Pokemon world, Kanto and Johto, with wild sesame forests, towns, and cities. There is also an area for you to compete with other trainers.

It is possible to play with legendary trainers in every town. If you beat all the coaches of the gym, you will receive an achievement badge. Upon collecting enough achievement badges, you can access a new area where you can battle legendary pokemon and trainers. Gyms have floors based on the rule that the higher the floor, the stronger the opponent. If you want to be a Pokemon Trainer, you must defeat them.

Pokedex and Pokemon

Pokemon SoulSilver (and Pokemon HeartGold) feature 160 types of Pokemon in the Pokedex. It functions as a checklist where you can check out all the Pokemon available to collect. Each Pokemon is described in detail, including its attributes, systems, abilities, and skills.

PokeSilver introduces new Pokemon, typically SoulSilver. During your quest, the NPCs will provide you with special orbs so you can capture new Pokemon. However, wild Pokemon have much lower stats.

When Pokemon reach a certain level or gain a certain amount of Trainer points, they can evolve and gain a new form.

Pokemon moves are displayed on the bottom of the screen, along with the Item Menu and the ability to switch between Pokemon as you catch Pokemon or compete with other trainers. Each time you take an action, your Pokemon moves will change.

Upon being attacked, Pokemon’s HP will gradually decrease based on the damage level of their opponent. In the top corner of the screen, you can see their HP stats. In order to prevent the Pokemon from getting hurt, keep the HP level steady (green). Otherwise, they will faint and can no longer fight, so you will need to take them to the Pokemon Center.

How does Pokemon SoulSilver differ from its predecessors?

The first new feature in Pokemon SoulSilver is Pokemon following the player. With Pokemon Yellow, you can also chat with your Pokemon, see how they are feeling, and interact with them. Depending on the Pokemon, you may be asked to pick up some special items nearby.


Pokeathlon is the second minigame added to Pokemon SoulSilver. In this minigame, Pokemon compete without the need for player control.

GB Sounds is the last item on the list. With this item, players can quickly change the background music.

Pokemon SoulSilver for Nintendo DS can be downloaded here

It is evident that Pokemon SoulSilver is one of the best versions of Pokemon and is definitely worth your time to play. All you have to do is download it, install it on your Nintendo DS, and begin your journey in the Kanto region.

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