From the publisher Bohemia Interactive a.s. we have Mini DAYZ MOD APK. Being of the zombie genre, this game still leaves an indelible impression on players. Check out Mini DAYZ.

It’s easier to live with zombies than unpredictable humans sometimes. There are a lot of zombie games out there.

The first time you play, you will have three default character options, and nothing in your hands, not even weapons or materials. Everything is zero.

In Mini DAYZ, you will have 2 offline game modes: Survival and Special. Mini DAYZ 2 will have an online mode. It has three difficulty levels: Novice, Regular, and Veteran. The Veteran level is the hardest and even veterans die frequently. Special mode offers different gameplay scenes such as Battle Royale, Public Enemy, Shoot out or Breach, Wild Life, Invasion, etc. Newbies should play Novice or a Special mode scenario.

In the game, there are characters

The game will start with four energy bars: a blood bar, a water bar, a food bar, and a temperature bar. A heart-shaped bar is a blood bar, a water bar is a water bar, a food bar is a food bar, a temperature bar is a temperature bar.

 It is common that dropping down of a water bar, food bar, or temperature bar will eventually result in blood loss in the blood bar if you do not get warm enough. If you do not get warm enough, you will get cold, and this bar will be abnormally low, causing you to become ill and start losing blood. In order to prevent this, it is essential to balance the bar so that it does not become too low.

When you choose a character, you will receive a brief description of their uniqueness, so choose carefully since it will affect your survival in the game. As an example, if you select a character with the trait “Snow born”, you will be able to withstand the cold well,

 and you will no longer be worried about the temperature bar affecting you. The ability to gather materials, run away from enemies, and retreat to the bunker will also be higher if you choose one with the “Sprinter” option, which means fast movement.

There will be no time for rest with Mini DAYZ’s gameplay

The top-down, horizontal screen of Mini DAYZ is made of pixel graphics. Upon entering the game, your first task is to collect materials from abandoned houses, empty roadside vehicles, and countless unmanned bunkers. While the character moves freely, the design emphasizes his isolation, adding to the horror of the progression. It also includes some suggestions for converting materials. For example, if you get a T-shirt that you don’t need because it’s warm enough, you can exchange it for a bandage. When items can be exchanged, make a quick decision, considering the most urgent needs first.

You will meet other survivors later. There are groups that only skim through your food because they are searching for things similar to yours. 

Additionally, there are groups who rush in to steal the food you have right now. It is crucial that you can distinguish friends from enemies in a split second so you can respond appropriately. We all know the classic DayZ series if we like zombies.

 There are times in this series when people are the scariest thing. The fighting is the scariest part. The dark corners between life and death that plunge people into a pit of guilt and the most extreme situations.

You will see that there are not many zombies in Mini DAYZ, and sometimes they are not as scary as humans with bloodlust.

There will also be wild animals waiting somewhere. If you are lucky, they will be deer or small squirrels crossing the road, if you are unlucky, they are tigers, lions, and bears. Run from them.

Even if you have bullets/arrows ready, when it comes to things like guns or bows, you will still need time to load bullets, not firing immediately like speed shooters. To keep up with ammunition, it’s important to keep a safe distance.

Food, drink, materials or weapons become scarcer and harder to find as the game progresses, as well as more enemies, more challenging levels. As you progress, the scene becomes easier to complete. It is simple to operate, but not easy to progress.

By touching the lower-left corner’s navigation circle button, you can control the character’s movement. In the bottom right corner, we will be able to choose weapons and materials based on the situation and the enemy we are facing. In this game, you are in charge of everything, 

from attacking or fleeing, to choosing weapons, to regaining your strength and healing yourself… your decisions will determine your fate. Despise the enemy or are arrogant and despise the risks, and you could be “baited” for humans, zombies, or beasts.

Graphics and sounds

Using pixel graphics, you don’t have to express too much, too detailed, while still creating a zombie-like scene and giving the characters the freedom to explore angles at their own pace. In my original response, I praised the top-down view and the extremely clever horizontal screen design. Together, they work incredibly well.

Especially when facing groups of people of unknown origin, the sound has a strong deathly smell. This game is not just about zombies.

Version of Mini DAYZ

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