Traffic Rider

The following is the description of the Traffic Rider App:

From the designers of Traffic Racer comes another gem. This time, you’ll be behind the wheel of a motorcycle is a far more sophisticated gaming experience, while yet maintaining the old-school joy and simplicity of the original.

Traffic Rider elevates the endless racing genre to a whole new level by including a complete career mode, first-person viewpoint, improved visuals, and real-world recorded bike noises, among other features. The core of smooth arcade racing is still there, but it has been encased in a new generation’s shell. Defeat the tasks in career mode by riding your bike on the infinite interstate lanes, passing through traffic, upgrading your bike and purchasing new ones.

It’s time to go out on the open road with your motorbike!

Features of Traffic Rider Bike

  • View from the first-person perspective
  • There are a total of 29 motorcycles to pick from.
  • Authentic motorcycle engine noises sampled from actual motorcycles
  • Detailed surroundings that change with the time of day and night
  • A career mode with more than 70 missions
  • Online leaderboards, as well as more than 30 accomplishments
  • The ability to support 19 different languages


  • The quicker you bike, the higher the number of points you get.
  • When driving at speeds more than 100 km/h, overtake traffic vehicles closely in order to get additional points and cash.
  • Drivers that take a two-way street in the other direction get bonus points and cash.
  • Perform wheelies to get additional points and money.

Play Traffic Rider free

Play Traffic Rider free Traffic Rider is a game that may be played for free.

Play Traffic Rider online

Because Traffic Rider is an HTML5 game, it may be played online without the need to download anything.

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