Squad Alpha APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems)

One of Say Games’ products, Squad Alphas, has also received many expectations since it launched. Say Games is well known among mobile game developers. Squad Alpha has not disappointed players.

This arcade shooting action RPG has a top-down view and is designed for vertical screens. It’s easy to control, fast, and flexible, especially with the blade-switching gameplay. Now let’s see what else is different!


You will be able to destroy enemies in a flash with Squad Alpha’s superhuman skills and weapons. Your mission is to find all the enemies, shoot them, and destroy them all. 

There are many levels in the game and each level is divided into many sub-levels. Over 200 levels will be available in total. Each level will have a different spatial context and enemy type. As you advance, the enemy quantity, speed, and quality will increase.

The Gameplay and Features of the Game

When fighting, there are all kinds of cool weapons at your disposal.By choosing the right weapon and combining the available skills, you can fight quickly and win.

You have to constantly upgrade your equipment, fight endlessly for rewards (coins) or upgrade materials, and hunt aggressively for guns. Weapons must be rare and powerful. New weapons can be obtained through victories. The “Loot” feature also helps you enhance your arsenal somewhat. 

When there are a lot of weapons available, it can be difficult to decide which weapon to use. Yes, this game allows players to choose weapons at will. But while playing, you are free to collect weapons (of course if you play well), and eventually,

your arsenal will be extremely diversified (this game has more than 30 different types of guns). Choosing a few items to change in battle alternately may never be boring, but it is not easy to do.

Balance is always the key to a successful fight

You cannot cuddle the enemies in Squad Alpha, nor are they easy to hurt. You can see them present all over this city, in every corner. In terms of physique, shape, and weapons, they are very diverse. Some are extremely dangerous, such as the Heavy Robot that can shoot once in eight directions and move quickly as a pinwheel.

In the absence of iron skin, you must fight them with superior weapons and skills. The game features the most advanced guns in the world, as well as specialized armor, which reduces damage when attacked.

You can upgrade your weapons to increase damage and fire speed. But most importantly, you can change weapons flexibly for each scene to maximize your strength. Despite the enemy’s strength, you have many tools at your disposal to maintain fairness.

Despite all the variations in weapon types, speeds, and damage, they all share one thing in common: winning one thing means losing another. For instance, there is a gun that shoots extremely slowly but does extremely high damage. A single shot is enough to kill with this gun.

When playing, you should upgrade your weapon whenever you have the opportunity because soon you will have to face a much stronger boss. Machine guns, M298s, and AK47s are fast-firing guns that can do little damage. Or, you can unlock guns with different properties. Depending on your budget, you can 

Graphics and sound

Squad Alpha uses top-down 2D graphics. Our agent, a round-headed man who cannot be identified, is beautifully drawn. The enemies are also cute, sometimes robots or cowboys…

The sound of gunfire in the battles is so thrilling and ear-catching that it’s quite funny to listen to. There’s something sharp, resonant, and logical about it.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Note
  • Gems increase when you spend.

You’ll find many fast-paced, exciting, and unpredictable battles in Squad Alpha if you enjoy shooting combat and role-playing games.

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