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The Pixel Gun 3D isn’t like any other shooter game you’ve played before. Mining is a rewarding activity in this game. Play mini-games like ‘Cops & Robbers’ in the lobby, and do crafting in the lobby as well.

Various activities can be carried out in the game, such as forming your own clan like in clash of clans. Play on any mobile device, day or night, while building your own fort and combating on different maps.

This is a pocket edition of Pixel Gun 3D, designed specifically for mobile phones. You can compete against your friends, classmates, and colleagues, or you can compete against people around the world.

 In addition to creating their own players, users can also customize them with skins found in the game and display them in battle. In this game, every type of player can play as an FPS shooter.

Enjoy the Multiplayer modes:

Pixel Gun 3D - FPS Shooter

Pixel Gun 3D has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play Deathmatch with other players. There are several benefits to participating in a Deathmatch.

  • It allows for both a global and a local scale of opponents
  • Various sizes and types of world maps are available for you to choose from
  • This weaponry offers a wide range of options. In addition to the Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle, Golden Desert Eagle pistol, and even a cool lightsaber, users can choose from a wide range of options. You can also butcher someone with a knife if you prefer something calmer.
  • The game can be played simultaneously by up to eight users
  • Players can communicate easily between gameplay sessions with the new in-game chat feature.

Battle Royal mode:

It’s up to you to prove your skills and be the last survivor in the Battle Royale mode. Battle Royale mode offers players a large-scale battleground brimming with expensive materials that are constantly thrown up for looting. 

Their site has a map filled with a dozen players frenziedly firing at each other. Users are free to open fire on the map at any time.

Cooperative Mode:

There are several features that Pixel Gun 3D offers in its cooperative mode.

  • The game can be played by four players at a time.
  • Chatting between friends is also possible in this mode
  • A total of 8 special maps are available
  • There is a lot of intensity and hardcore gameplay in the game
  • Prizes in the form of coins are awarded to the top results

Survival Campaign:

The Pixel Gun story mode challenges players to fight zombie hordes attacking from all angles. Aside from the cops, there are also robbers, nurses, and SWAT members to contend with. The impending doom awaits you if you don’t wipe them out.

In the end, killing all monsters is undoubtedly the most difficult task. Make sure you don’t let your fear grow inside your mind. It is not just zombies that you must defeat in this mode, the Evil Zombie Boss will also await you at the end. As soon as you defeat this enemy, a portal will open and you’ll be able to enter the next stage.

How does Pixel Gun 3D differ from its previous versions?

It’s time to meet patch 22.6.2! All the big new features have been added in a special patch.

  • Clan War redesign begins with the first step! You’ll find new challenges, new mechanics, and plenty more fun stuff!
  • Three old maps are remastered: Four Seasons, Sky Islands, and Space Station
  • A redesign of the VIP subscription has been implemented. There is now a temporary boost to XP
  • Brand new gadgets replace old, unpopular ones. Flash Grenade -> fireworks. A pocket harpoon turns into a grenade-teleporter!
  • A number of other gadgets have been rebalanced
  • A number of bugs have been fixed

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