PBA® Bowling Challenge


Rise through the ranks against 24 of the PBA’s best bowlers as you bowl for a variety of regional and national championship trophies in the best 3D bowling game. Starting in a local alley with a scuffed up 12lb ball, you’ll hone your skills against bowling legends on your way to competing in the Tournament of Champions!
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4 January 2022
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In the greatest 3D bowling game, you will compete against 24 of the PBA’s top bowlers for a variety of regional and national championship trophies. Along the way, you will work your way up through the rankings. You’ll begin your journey in a neighborhood lanes with a beat-up 12lb ball, and you’ll compete against some of bowling’s most illustrious names along the way to earn a spot in the Tournament of Champions!

Among Its Many Features Are:

  • Gameplay modes such as Multiplayer, Quickplay, and Career!
  • Dozens of Tournaments Hosted by the PBA!
  • The most advanced visuals for 3D bowling.
  • Compete in a bowling tournament against 24 of the top PBA bowlers!
  • Choose from one of a hundred different bowling balls, each of which has its own set of statistics!
  • Rankings and Accomplishments of Players
  • Additional difficulties in each and every competition!
  • Split Balls, Bomb Balls, and More Balls to Choose From!

Action in Online Multiplayer Games!

Bowling matches take place in real-time and are played one-on-one between you and your pals. In the multiplayer mode, which is powered by Google Play game services, you have the option of inviting your friends on Google+ or being paired against a random opponent.

Bowl a fast game, or get a start on your career!

PBA Bowling Challenge is built on its career mode, but if you’d rather simply lace up and head to the alleys, we’ve got you covered. In Career Mode, you get to choose from a huge selection of different foes and locales, and you also acquire more material.

Take on the finest of the best!

How do you think you would fair against the calm assurance and pin-point precision of Walter Ray Williams, Jr., or the brazen power stroke of Pete Weber? How would your scores compare to those of Norm Duke, who is known for his high spin and smooth release, or Parker Bohn III, who is known for his high cranking backswing? The PBA Bowling Challenge makes an effort to authentically replicate the ability and style of the best bowlers competing in the sport today by basing its gameplay on genuine data that measure the bowlers’ power, hook, and control.

You can even play games like Split Ball and Bomb Ball!

These unique balls may be of great assistance to you during a challenging competition, despite the fact that in the actual world they are not permitted in tournaments.

Even if the lane seems to be too large and your ball appears to be too little, the Lightning Ball’s whirling electrical storm is certain to strike something.

Do you want to be able to jump over a 7-10 split without working up a sweat? Give the Split ball a go! When you tap it, it separates into two separate balls.

And when you definitely, utterly, and unquestionably need to take down each and every pin on the lane, the bomb ball is what you need. Simply striking a single pin, any pin, will result in a devastating blow.

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