Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

This third-person action game invites you to engage in lots of different mini-games that all relate to weapons and speed, and Payback 2 is likely to be considered among the more entertaining games of this type. You can be sitting behind the wheel of the truck or a machine gun in front of a rival gang just as easily as you can be seated behind the wheel.

You may recognize Payback 2’s gameplay from games like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and others. This game differs from the other games in that instead of being inside an open city where you can freely move around, you will be provided with a comfortable mission menu where you can select exactly what you wish to play.

You’ll find all kinds of different types of races in Payback 2: taxi races, truck races, luxury car races, etc. A rival gang could also be your adversary, so you’d have to eliminate as many enemies as possible. You can use weapons, vehicles, grenades, knives and more to successfully complete your mission.

In terms of setting, game modes, vehicles and weapons, Payback 2 is a game that offers a ton of diversity to its audience. The main menu of this game allows you to customize the appearance of your character by choosing from a wide range of skins and accessories.

Do anything you want

In Payback 2, players can do anything in an open world. Compared to Grand Theft Auto, this action game has more gunfights instead of story-driven missions. Players also have the option to play in different ways in Payback 2.

Action that cannot be halted

With so many things to do in the game, players are sure to have a blast.  Almost all of us are familiar with GTA games such as Payback 2. In this game, it is just that its graphics aren’t as good as that of the popular series and the plot isn’t as dramatic as the popular series. 

In Payback 2, you can take on a variety of missions. Moreover, new ones are added to the game every day, so players don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again. One of the things that distinguishes Payback 2 from other games of this genre is that players can actually choose their missions from a mission menu as opposed to having to search the entire city for something to do.

This game is full of missions that players will be able to try out various activities to keep the game interesting, such as driving a cab around the city, competing in car races, or going up against rival gangs in a gun battle.

Keeping yourself entertained is important

Playing Payback 2 is one of those kinds of games one can play when there are no better things to do, and there is nothing else to do. I would also add that this game offers a lot of activities that are not bound by a developing story, so players don’t necessarily need to commit to playing the game diligently until the end. Players won’t have a problem passing time with Payback 2’s decent graphics and varying missions, making it ideal for players looking for a way to kill some time.


  • The simple mechanics of the game
  • Play an action-packed game
  • Missions every day
  • Game characters can be customized


  • Playing unoriginally
  • Storyline not to be followed
  • Graphics of low quality
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