Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga mod apk download for Android - HeistAPK

The same people behind the super popular Candy Crush Saga created Farm Heroes Saga, which is a social puzzle game. A lot of similarities can be found between the gameplay of this game and the experience of Candy Crush, in that candy and sweets are substituted for fruit and farm products in this game. Playing … Read more

Jungle Adventures 3

Jungle Adventures 3 Apk Download for Android - HeistAPK

Third, in the Jungle Adventures series, Jungle Adventures 3 brings you another jungle adventure. Playing this game is like playing something like Crash Bandicoot. It is a challenging horizontal-scrolling platformer. It is in this game that you play a wild child which is loosely based on Tarzan, who decides to go on a search for … Read more

World War 2: Shooting Games

A multiplayer shooter set during WWII, World War 2 – Battle Combat is a game you can play with friends. During this event, two teams of five players each can face off against each other in a wide variety of locations, which are often based on recreations of important historic events and battles from history. … Read more

My Talking Tom Friends

A new Talking Tom game has been released called My Talking Tom Friends. The difference this time around is that, unlike the previous games, you can interact with Tom and his friends. There will be no shortage of fun with the participation of Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca in this game! As with … Read more

My Talking Tom 2

An exciting life with Tom  My Talking Tom 2 is a free casual smartphone game in which you engage with a well-known virtual cat. This 3D simulation game is the sequel to Outfit7 Limited’s My Talking Tom, which was a smash hit among kids when it debuted to mobile gaming.  When compared to its predecessor, … Read more

Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

With Modern Ops, you play against two teams (terrorists and anti-terrorists) within medium-sized settings with a clear Counter-Strike influence. Regardless of what settings you play in, your objective is always the same: to get a higher score than your opponents and give up as much resource as possible. With Modern Ops, you can also use … Read more