My Talking Tom Friends

A new Talking Tom game has been released called My Talking Tom Friends. The difference this time around is that, unlike the previous games, you can interact with Tom and his friends. There will be no shortage of fun with the participation of Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca in this game!

As with My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, or My Talking Hank, My Talking Tom Friends has a similar gameplay, except that you can interact with each of the characters individually. The characters can be selected by tapping their pictures. For example, you can tap on Angela and take her anywhere in the house, including the kitchen, the garden, or even the dressing room.

The homes of these charming animals can be customized just like in previous games in the series. Changing the decor in the living room, choosing new kitchen furniture, or adding a personal touch to the garden are examples. In addition to taking your pet on entertaining adventures in different parts of the city, you can also take your pet on special trips.

My Talking Tom Friends is an entertaining game that brings together all the Talking Tom characters in one place for the first time ever. In addition to all that, the graphics are charming and colorful, just as the other Outfit7 games are.

Play this free mobile game with the whole gang

You can play with Tom and his friends from the popular virtual pet mobile games in Play Talking Tom Friends, a free mobile video game for families. There are several games in the Talking Tom and Friends series, all of which have cute anthropomorphic animal characters as part of the game. This cute pet game is developed by Outfit7 Limited. In this instance, you will be tasked with taking care of six of them simultaneously and even playing with them.

All have a home

The Talking Tom and Friends series began with the Talking Tom Cat app, which had virtual animals repeating what users said in a modified voice. Originally simply word games, these games grew quickly in popularity, eventually branching out to include other gameplay mechanics, becoming kid-friendly apps in which you could play as these characters and socialize with them by feeding them, doing their laundry, and interacting with them. Although there are usually only a few characters in these types of games, there are sometimes as many as four.

It is finally possible to play with six Talking Toms together in My Talking Tom Friends. This page features six major mascots: two cats, Angela and Ginger, along with Tom, the dog. As well as the dogs named Ben and Hank, there’s also the rabbit named Becca and the dogs named Ben and Hank. As you play the game, the characters move like when they play a family simulation game: they move to the location, item, or person they need—as indicated by the speech bubbles above them.

Your furry family will be rewarded with coins – which can be used to purchase food and other items – and bus passes – which might let them visit local towns for more rewards.

When they play with a toy you can play minigames with the characters along with taking care of their needs. As well as fun activities, you can dress up your virtual characters with unlocked outfits, turn their rooms into a fairy-tale house, and even grow a garden to get free food.

There is no pressure whatsoever

The first episode of the series to be in landscape mode shows the characters’ spacious home. Watching ads in the game or purchasing various items will easily unlock various items. Ads play even when you simply scroll through the house. This is annoying. However, it can be enjoyed by children as well as older fans of the series.


  • A cute 3D game with six characters
  • Home with an adorable ambiance
  • There are many usable items and unlockables
  • A fun and easy way to manage your pets


While scrolling through the house, advertisements will play

All in all, the game is very good and you will enjoy playing it. Download it now!

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