My Talking Tom 2

An exciting life with Tom 

My Talking Tom 2 is a free casual smartphone game in which you engage with a well-known virtual cat. This 3D simulation game is the sequel to Outfit7 Limited’s My Talking Tom, which was a smash hit among kids when it debuted to mobile gaming.

 When compared to its predecessor, there aren’t many new features—the biggest noticeable difference is that the aesthetics have been improved.

Is My Talking Tom 2 a safe game to play?

The Talking Tom and Friends video game brand is a family-friendly property with virtual anthropomorphic creatures that you can care for and even communicate with. 

The social aspect of the series is what made it so successful, and the bulk of the earliest games in the series had the ability to use the device’s microphone to repeat whatever a player said in a changed voice.

My Talking Tom 2 is no exception, as it features the most well-known character in the series.You can take care of Tom as a virtual pet simulator by feeding him, bathing him, tucking him into bed, and performing other critical daily activities.

You must keep an eye on the green indicators at the bottom of the screen, which will turn red as time passes, indicating that you must provide adequate pet care for Tom.

Aside from that, you can use the microphone to communicate with him and even play minigames with him. You can also go to new places and get rewards, such as new Tom outfits or house decorations. He can also get his own pets. 

They and Tom both react to your touch, so you can experiment with different activities to observe how they react. While the game is generally suitable for children to play, it does have a somewhat aggressive in-app commercial strategy.

Displays a plethora of enticing prizes

Overall, My Talking Tom 2 is a fantastic game for everyone who enjoys playing with virtual pets. It not only has the popular voice-recording element of the series, but it also allows you to engage in various activities with Tom.

This game is free to play, but monthly subscriptions are available for those who want to make quick in-app purchases. You may also expect a lot of adverts to play, with the possibility of getting double awards.


  • 3D images that are both cute and enhanced
  • Virtual pet care is a fun game to play.
  • Can you get Tom to talk?
  • Minigames and personalization options


  • There are a lot of advertisements and monetization through optional prizes.
  • It can take a long time to earn additional money.

More details of My Talking Tom 2: Raise, Feed & Take Care of Tom with Friends

Raising a pet may be both difficult and enjoyable. You must do everything in your power to make it happy, almost as if you were a member of your family. So, if you’ve always wanted to adopt one, why not give this game a shot? My Talking Tom 2 is one of those PC games that need care and love for your pet!

You raise a kitten from a kitten to an adult by caring for it and catering to its requirements. The best part about this video game is that raising him isn’t at all a chore! Playing with Tom is unquestionably enjoyable on a daily basis. Don’t worry, this play is appropriate for all ages. 

That it may be played by any of your family members or friends without too many limits! My Talking Tom 2 is a free PC game that will teach you all you need to know about raising a cat.

My Talking Tom 2 is a simple game to master. 

You begin with a kitten and raise him by feeding, washing, playing, and allowing him to rest on a daily basis. It’s the same as if you were caring for a real cat as a pet. You can change his appearance, dress, and accessories as he grows older. However, there are some costumes that need coins, which you must first acquire before purchasing.

Two Ways To Play My Talking Tom

You must keep Tom happy at all times. Rubbing his tummy or picking him up are also acceptable ways to pet him. Allowing him to play with his toys or check out the mini-games is another option. You must, of course, feed Tom, just like you would any other pet.

 But keep in mind that if he plays a lot, he will become hungry. So go to the kitchen and select some food to provide him with the energy he requires! As you progress through the game, you will unlock a variety of delicacies.

And if you think that feeding him is the only thing you have to do, reconsider! You’re also in charge of keeping Tom tidy. It’s imperative that he uses the restroom when the toilet metre on the screen is low.

 So bathe him or allow him to pee if he has to, because it’s all part of Tom’s healthy lifestyle! Allowing Tom to rest after a long day, for example, is crucial. Never fail to remind him to sleep so that his strength will return after a few hours. 

As a result,

Finally, don’t forget to collect My Talking Tom 2 flight tokens. Mini-games like Space Trails, Super Balloons, and Cupid Tom can help you gain this. You can travel to another location after you have enough tokens and unlock new outfits, cuisine, and accessories.

Characteristics of the Main Game

  • Cool audio effects and beautiful cartoony images
  • More lively and amusing When you’re playing with Tom,
  • Mini games that are fun and new to play
  • Meet Tom’s new pets, as well as other surprises!
  • Make Tom’s look unique by choosing from a variety of interesting and contemporary outfits

Enjoy Talking Tom 2 for free, along with a fun slide of a running game from Surfers on the Subway! Now you can download and play all of the games on this website!

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