Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

With Modern Ops, you play against two teams (terrorists and anti-terrorists) within medium-sized settings with a clear Counter-Strike influence. Regardless of what settings you play in, your objective is always the same: to get a higher score than your opponents and give up as much resource as possible.

With Modern Ops, you can also use a touchscreen to control the game: the virtual movement stick is found on the left side of the screen, while the sight is located on the right. The right side of the screen will also display buttons that let you change your weapon, reload, duck or jump. Whenever your character is within range of an enemy, your character will automatically fire.

As in traditional Counter-Strike, the main game mode in Modern Ops features two teams competing for points against each other. The wait time for your character to die is not as long as it is in traditional deathmatch games. After you die, you respawn almost immediately.

With great graphics and a lot of different weapons, Modern Ops is an entertaining online shooter. You can also upgrade and accessorize your unlocked weapons.

An overview of Modern Ops App

Play this new 3D FPS game on your mobile device and compete with your friends in this awesome online shooting game with no end to the action. Play this new 3D FPS game on your mobile device and let the battle begin!


Do you enjoy playing online shooter games? You can now make your fury known in action and you can engage the battle strike at this very moment. And the best part is that this game is absolutely free!

Take part in an explosive online game on a variety of shooter games maps and use a variety of free fire strategies and tactics.

Main Features

  • It consists of more than 30 modern guns, pistols, and camos. Choose from among a variety of online shooting game tactics such as sniper, shotgun, machine gun, or assault rifles based on the battle at hand
  • In pvp action games, there can be up to ten players
  • Gun games are played with other players around the world in team battles
  • Enjoy playing in a team in various locations as you create your own clan
  • Your army games strategy will be unique if you use Killstreaks like drone attacks, sentry guns, and rocket launchers
  • Compete against other players of FPS shooting games to get promoted to higher leagues
  • Call for your friends and interact with other players, complete contracts and quest missions
  • Swipe, aim, and shoot – easy control and easy interface
  • Optimized for perfection
  • The gun game will be updated regularly with new cool features

Awesome Gameplay

There are a few games available online that are available for free that have competitive free FPS shooters with easy and intuitive controls, action-packed gameplay, and vivid 3D graphics.

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Frequent Progress

Ammunition, weapons, and upgrades can be purchased. You can customize the appearance of your weapon skins.

To succeed in our mobile shooting game, you must make frag progress.

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