Gacha Glitch

Anime characters can be created and played with in many interesting minigames.

In what way is Gacha Glitch different from other glitches?

Most games do not allow you to create a character based on your aesthetic criteria and preferences. A majority of games only allow basic editing, typically hair color, eye color, hairstyle or more commonly, costumes, accessories.

What if you could create anime characters from start to finish, with complete creative freedom? You can also control the character to play interesting minigames.

Interested in creating your own character? Why not try Gacha Glitch?

This simulation game with a unique twist was developed by Gacha Star for the mobile platform. Its most compelling feature is the ability to create anime-style characters using the smallest details and tools at your disposal. Everything can be customized, assembled, and customized to your liking.

As you control the character, you can play fun minigames that are always available in Gacha Glitch. It is a thrilling experience as if you were designing the character of your very own game.

Professional character creation studio

With Gacha Glitch’s Studio Mode, players can create their own anime characters based on luck and perseverance.

With Gacha Glitch’s character studio, you can create and customize more than ten main characters and 90 minor characters. Characters have unique looks, personalities, and fighting skills. These characters can sometimes be selected, but there is a lot of customization available. After editing the version, it feels a lot like creating the character from scratch.

Aside from costumes and accessories, the studio offers every detail on the face, body, expressions, and poses.

Feel free to share your character creations

After creating your character, you can quickly save it as your desktop wallpaper or share it on social media. When you post on the game community, you will receive comments, likes, and shares from people with similar interests. This is a great way to learn from others’ experiences.

Take the characters to the games with you

When you have a character in Gacha Glitch, you can immediately control it to enter a game. A variety of game modes and four minigames make Gacha Glitch more than just a character creator. As well as RPGs, there are many minigames. But they are all pretty much role-playing games in essence. The plot and script are tight, the characters are appealing, and the gameplay is engaging.

Gamers can experience the interaction and fun of the characters in many different settings in Gacha Glitch: school, street, beach, park, zoo…

While Gacha Glitch doesn’t offer a lot of choices or interferes with the story structure in any way, it does let you customize characters that can meet, interact, and chat with each other. This reciprocal interaction gave players a sense of being a part of the character.

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The creative motivation and freedom Gacha Glitch brings will keep your mind awake, and your mood lighter and more relaxed, regardless of how tired and pressured you feel. This game is very ordinary but very strange, so let’s spread happiness and freedom by playing it and recommending it to your friends.

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