How to throw a knife in the breaking point and mm2?

How to throw a knife in the breaking point and mm2

The breaking point and Murder Mystery (MM2) are popular games available on Roblox, PC, and mobile. Both have gained huge love and support from players all over the world.

First, let’s talk about the breaking point, it is an online multiplayer game. Players from all over the world gather at a table and play games of different styles at breaking points.

The major role of the players to win this game is to eliminate all other players. This game has gained popularity in the last few years to a high level.

On the other hand, MM2 is a mystery game. In which players must figure out the solution to the given situations. It is not an online game. Therefore, it is played in a solo version.

Here in this article, we will tell you about the knife-throwing feature present in these games. This will surely help you to increase your knowledge about this game.

So, that you can easily solve any kind of mystery or eliminate enemies from the playing field to become the best player in this game.

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How to throw knives using a PC?

PC provides you with the best gaming experience. That is why people like to play such games on PC.

Here, are some main tips that you can use to throw knives using a PC.

1: For breaking Point

The breaking point game involves the use of different weapons. Such as guns, knives, sticks, and much more. However, knives are the simplest weapon in this game.

But, the question is how to throw or use these knives in this game. It consists of a few steps.

1: You have to select or pick a knife as your main weapon.

2: Control the number and function of these knives.

3: Right-click and hold your mouse to aim in a specific direction.

4: once, the target is set. Throw your knives towards your opponent.

This will make your opponent lose their power. As a result, your chase for winning this game will increase more and more.

2: For MM2

For MM2, the use of a mouse is not essential.  You can easily throw knives at your opponent by following these few easy steps.

1: first, you have to select knives as your main weapon.

2: hold shift to aim in a specific direction.

3: Press E to throw the knives at your enemy.

How to throw knives using a Mobile?

Both of these popular games are also available on mobile. They are easily available on the Google Play Store

1: For breaking point

When it comes to throwing knives in a mobile game, people usually think that you just have to tap on the screen. It is a very simple process.

However, there are some rules, tips, and tricks that you can follow to throw knives at your opponent while playing this game.

1: adjust the brightness of your mobile to its maximum level.

2: Select knives as your main weapon.

3: move your screen to aim in the correct direction.

4: tap on the screen to throw your knives at your opponent.

It is not a difficult process. You can easily control and play this game just by following these steps. They are similar to the steps involved in PC.

2: For MM2

MM2 is not a popular brand on mobile, as compared to the breaking point. However, people do play this game on mobile. 

Here are some steps that you can follow to throw the knives at your opponent in this game.

1: select your knives as your main weapon.

2: tap and move the screen to aim in a certain direction.

3: throw the knife at your opponent by sliding your fingers on the screen.

In this way, you can easily overcome all the opponents in the MM2 games. As a result, your role as a serial killer can easily be performed.

How to throw knives using Roblox?

Roblox was the first device that introduced the gameplay for these games for the first time. However, with time, Roblox was unable to compete with modern-day gaming devices.

These devices include PlayStation and X boxes. In this era, it is very difficult to find someone who plays through Roblox anymore. 

But, its throwing knife feature consisted of only 3 buttons. One for aim, one for selection, and one for the throw.


1: How to easily survive in MM2?

The best way to survive in MM2 is by keeping your distance from the enemies. As you are the killer, you will be facing a lot of police officers. Thus, by maintaining your distance, you can survive more.

2: How to perfectly aim in the breaking point mobile?

The mobile allows you to move the screen through your fingers towards your enemy. So, that you can easily take your aim towards them and kill them.

3: Why do people play breaking point more than MM2?

The breaking point is an online multiplayer game. It means that you can play it with your friends from all over the world. On the other hand, MM2 is not an online game. Thus, that is why people do not play it more than the breaking point.


In this article, we told you about the knife-throwing features present in 2 of the most popular games in the world. We told you about keys and directions that you can follow to become a pro at these games.

Now, if you ask us which game is better between these 2 games, then we would say breaking point. It is because of its online availability and other multiple features.

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