Fruit Ninja 2 Fun Action Games APK Download for Android

Fruit Ninja 2 Fun Action Games

Fruit Ninja 2 is just as much fun as the original Fruit Ninja game, where you cut, slash, and slash flying fruits. The multiplayer mode allows you to engage in battles with players around the world. Get ready to put your skills to the test as you work your way up the ranks to become the best Fruit Ninja.

A new online multiplayer mode has been added to Fruit Ninja 2 which brings together the arcade mode and the local multiplayer mode of its predecessor. Thus, players will have more options when it comes to playing modes. 

There was no ‘three strikes’ system in arcade mode, and players had a limited amount of time to slice fruits for points before time ran out.

Fruit Ninja 2 Available for Download

Fruit Ninja 2 Fun Action Games

There are more beautiful arenas in this version of Fruit Ninja that make the fruit-cutting sessions that much more fun and enjoyable.

Besides those awesome-looking blades and amazing power-ups, you also get some amazing power-ups for clearing the screen of tossed up fruit. An instant fruit salad can be made by simply pressing a button.

Introducing the slow-mo powerup to Fruit Ninja 2 is one of your favorite features. It allows you to slice and dice everything quickly by slowing down all the tossed-up fruits. Almost all of the gameplay is similar to the previously released version. Competing against an opponent can be challenging without powerups.

In Fruit Ninja 2, you can equip three different power-ups each time you play, and you can keep all of them in your inventory. The ability to blow fruits off the screen can help you gain a higher score, for instance by enlarging fruits or inhibiting your opponent from slicing fruit effectively.

Using a power-up to counteract an opponent’s negative effect is another element of strategy with power-ups. Using the big fruit power-up, if equipped, will negate your opponent’s attempt to make your fruits small.

 The game can be downloaded by clicking the download button above. Let us know what you think of the game by rating it and writing a review.

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