Endoscope APP for android – Endoscope camera

www kkmoom com an97 apk The endoscope app for Android is an endoscope camera or any device such as a USB camera or an app to connect to a Borscope camera, there are many devices that use an external camera such as a surveillance camera.

How to use this app: Endoscope app for Android

Open the app and access the USB of its endoscope camera on its phone. Click on the camera icon Okay now you can see that the endoscope camera is working Take a picture and record a video if you go back to the first interface of his pictures and videos and click on the gallery. Now you can see all your pictures Slide left finger Now you can see them all Click on any video and choose yours The player always clicks and watches your video Now how to delete images and videos on the endoscope app camera inside the gallery. Long click on the photo or video You can see the deleted icons:

Check this Endoscope App Sewage Check Camera before using the camera: www kkmoom com an97 apk

1- If your device supports USB OTG technology, you can use many applications, which I recommend that this app is a USB OTG checker.

2– If your USB camera is UVC-compatible

How does this endoscope app work? www kkmoom com an97 apk

Endoscope App for Android – The endoscope camera opens your external borscope with your USB OTG and reads it. The endoscope app requires the use of a microphone to record video with sound and write and read images and videos. The gallery needs to be used

You can use endoscope camera equipment:

There are many things in a borscope or endoscope like blocked drains that you can see what’s inside of you. You don’t need a block drain camera or plumbing repair It works like a heavy camera.

Download APK v9.3.9

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