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E2pdf AP Download for Android No 1 Best App

E2pdf apk download for android Now you can take xml or pdf backups of almost everything (communication, specific communication logs, call logs, SMS backups, call log statistics, SMS statistics, truck color) and you can email these backups right away. Or save them in any cloud location / wherever you want.

The Backup and Restore feature is available with PDF Backup for SMS and Call Log which is available for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and Statistics.

App list E2pdf apk download for android

1- Restore SMS backup and PDF / favorite SMS backup

E2PDF is a very simple but highly productive app that allows you to back up your loved one’s conversations once and never open them again.

You can restore them or you can get a PDF backup All you have to do is select the conversation and before backing up the PDF, the entire conversation will appear on your screen, you will enter the output file name and the backup will be created with one click. The generated backup files can be stored in a local drive or email and can be shared / saved instantly in the cloud location. E2pdf apk download for android

So with E2PDF, you can take

  • Backup SMS to entertain your friends
  • Backup your family SMS and once loved
  • SMS backup of your business interactions with your colleagues or contractors.
  • With this application, users can also backup SMS records and then perform SMS tracker operations for court or legal purposes using the entire conversation as per the user’s requirements.

2– Call log (b al kalpik dial, recycling, miss call, date range)

With the Call Log Backup and Restore feature enabled, users can take the Call Log Backup and install it on other devices. The backup is made in XML format which is also readable With the PDF Backup feature, you can backup or receive calls that are dialed, received, and missed, and use the full call log and use it as needed.

3– Specific communication log (b al kalpik, SMS, log log)

Select any contact and get a PDF backup of the call log and a detailed SMS chat / SMS chat with your loved ones. This Trucker allows certain users to take calls or SMS backups of any specific contact with the back-up communication feature. Truklar’s feature is completely free With this SMS tracker feature, users can track SMS or call logs of any contact.

4- Call statistics E2pdf apk download for android

Call statistics allow you to get statistics on dial, receive, miss calls and reject call numbers. In addition, you will get information about the total call duration of the specified date range

5- SMS statistics

With the SMS statistics, you will get the total number of SMS sent / received within the specified time frame along with sending / receiving SMS on the basis of The Daily Nick.

6- Contact (optional contact name, contact number, email address)

Now you can get your contact backup with the contact name, contact number, email address along with custom b features.

Orphaned email addresses are stored on your device, but are not directly linked to any direct contact.

GOOGLE Contact Backup / Export Contacts

Follow these steps to backup / export to Google Contacts PDF.

  • Go to your relationship
  • Select settings
  • Choose a relationship
  • Select the Gmail account you want to communicate with
  • Return to E2PDF, and select the “Contact Menu” and follow the normal process.
  • Google Contacts will be exported to PDF and ready to be saved
  • PDFs are made using standard authors, so Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Exodus PDF Reader, Sumantra, Reddy, Preview, Foxit, PDF-Exchange and all other well-known outputs with readers.

Output generator files on emails, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth can be easily shared and you can save it directly to your Google Drive or dropbox / cloud.

“SMS Backup and Recovery” will be available in the next release

The following features of E2PDF are completely free

Truecaller backup, google contact, SMS, phone contact backup.

E2PDF works completely well with other SMS tracker apps


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