Coffee Stack APK Download for Android

Arcade game for mobile devices that is caffeine-fueled

The developer Rollic Games created Coffee Stack, a free arcade title for mobile devices. A coffee shop offers drinks to customers in this game with a food theme. They must be able to handle the number of orders coming in and serve them as quickly as possible.

It is similar to games such as Cooking Fever or Burger Shop that Espresso Stack places an emphasis on speed. In order to maintain customer loyalty, players must take action and prepare quickly. As a result, they will be able to invest more in the decoration of the shop and better equipment for the kitchen with what they earn.

Coffee Stack APK for Android

Is there a way to play it?

In the history of mankind, coffee has arguably been one of the greatest discoveries. It is the first thing most sleep-deprived people reach for when they want to start their day on the right foot. Coffee Stack is a game that involves it, which makes sense since it involves coffee.

 A coffee shop is what you run in this game, and it is your job to take orders and fulfill them in a timely manner for your customers.

Due to its nature, the game revolves around a long line of multiple drinks in rapid succession. 

This kitchen equipment is displayed in a conveyor-like assembly with a variety of cooking tools spread out to the sides. In order to fill drinks and fulfill orders, you must move your coffee cups to the correct lanes in a timely and orderly manner.

Additionally, the cup can be personalized with a customer’s name for extra attention to detail. When you earn more, you can upgrade your kitchen equipment and decorate your shop to make it more visually appealing. There is a rather imposing amount of advertising in the game, which prevents the game from becoming fun and engaging.

I think it would have been fun

In summary, Coffee Stack is an interesting casual game that is likely to be enjoyed by coffee lovers. In addition to the simple controls, the gameplay itself is challenging in some ways. 

Despite its great potential, this game is plagued by excessive advertisements that prevent you from advancing. It would be better for you to play something else instead.


  • Gameplay that is fun
  • Controls are easy to use
  • A variety of customization options


  • Ads that are intrusive

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