Candy Crush Friends Saga

You can download and install Candy Crush Friends Saga apk from this link to any Android device that supports API 19 and above.

This game has been updated with fun new graphics, game modes, and hundreds of levels to blast through!

In this candy crush matching game, you will have to find all of your Candy Crush Friends scattered throughout the Candy Kingdom! They each have their own unique powers and can help you to blast through any blockers you may have in order to create sweet candy combinations!

You’ll unlock sweet outfits, rewards, and friends by switching and matching candies! Your ability on the game board will increase as you take on more candies.

Enjoy tasty treats like cookies, jam, chocolate, and more in this fun new Candy game! All your favorites, but now sweeter than ever!

Features of Candy Crush Friends Saga:

  • Play hundreds of levels and discover your favorite characters along the way!
  • Allies are your best friends – they will help you achieve your goals!
  • As you win levels, Yeti will dance with his friends!
  • Play the octopuses and the mammoths free, dunk the cookie in the chocolate and dunk it in the melted chocolate!
  • Your friends can be kept in a sticker book and their attire can be changed.
  • Experience a whole new world in 3D!
  • Simple to play, but difficult to master!
  • Play whenever and wherever you want. Connected to the internet, the game can easily be synced between devices and access all its features.
  • Whether you play solo or with friends, see who can achieve the highest score in this epic saga!

In this case, Candy Crush Friends Saga is much more of a puzzle game, but one that comes in an extremely appealing package. In essence, the goal of the game is to rotate various multicolored blocks of “candy” until you manage to match three or more of them, at which point the ones around them will also disappear, and these will be replaced by the ones around them.

There’s not just one goal in every game – you’re actually supposed to free the animals that are hidden behind the candies – it’s not just clearing away all the candies. Once all of them have been freed, you will pass the level and move on to the next one.

You are shown what you are supposed to do by tips and hints throughout Candy Crush Friends Saga. Getting the hang of gameplay is very easy as you’ll quickly pass through the first levels.

There has been a lot of effort put into Candy Crush Friends Saga outside of the gameplay itself. Almost everything from the animations, the characters, to the colors and textures are a kaleidoscope of magic and it is a marvel.

There are several special moves in Candy Crush Friends Saga that let you match more candies and there are also lots of gifts and bonuses (in-game) that you can take advantage of, such as stickers and options to embellish the little character that accompanies you throughout the game.

There are also a variety of in-app purchases to be made, which become increasingly tempting as the game progresses and becomes increasingly complex.

Where can this program be run?

Android phones running Android 4.4 and up are compatible with Candy Crush Friends Saga. Online and iPhone versions are also available.

What would be a better alternative?

Because most games are subjective, it’s never easy to suggest better alternatives, but in this case it’s impossible. It’s tough to find a “tile-matching” puzzle game that rivals Candy Crush Friends Saga in terms of stylistic approach, but if that is what you’re looking for, you’ll have to try this one.

I am not an expert in gaming, but I do know that most, if not all, games from King fall into the same class, so if you enjoy this game, you might also enjoy other games from the developer, such as Bubble Witch Saga 2.


  • It looks great
  • It’s very easy to learn
  • No need to register or log in


  • Later in the game, in-app purchases become burdensome
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