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In Button Fever, players press buttons on the screen in order to earn large amounts of money. The bill printing machine has buttons that you can press to increase the number of dollars that you can obtain.

The controls in Button Fever are very simple since the game requires players to not focus on the game’s progress or to press many buttons. Your profits will increase as you accumulate more buttons, allowing you to earn more money. The more you play, the more perks, upgrades, and buttons you will unlock, as it is common in this type of game.

Button Fever apk

With Button Fever, you can keep on generating banknotes indefinitely since the money creation machine keeps on generating them. 

To increase the generation of banknotes, you will need to position the buttons so they can be joined together on the game screen. By merging these objects, it is possible to acquire more banknotes by pressing the buttons. Observing ads is also a good way to increase your speed and keystroke repetitions.

Button Fever apk

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